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Winter wellness seminar - Hormone health

21/06/2019 1:15 PM

Hormones are like a symphony. Each part needs to be in harmony for it to produce the right result. Want to keep your hormones in balance?  Learn about the symptoms, causes, tests, lifestyle factors and treatments that are involved in managing a well-balanced endocrine system. 

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Inversion Workshop

30/06/2019 2:00 PM

Are you wanting to gain confidence with inversions?

Then join Kylie for this fun and informative 2 hour workshop where you will learn the fundamentals for inverting safely.
Inversions are a great way to connect with your inner child, strengthen the shoulders, core and posterior line of the body, as well as flipping your perspective on life. 
Kylie has taught numerous inversion workshops throughout New Zealand and has a skill for helping absolute beginners discover the joy of being upside down.  
So if you are new to inversions or have been playing with them but need to refine your technique, then this workshop is for you.