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District Programmes - Specialist programmes to motivate, educate and support you to your goals

Kick Ass - No Butts 6 Week Challenge
Kicking off your 2019 new year resolution, or not - we’ve got the perfect challenge to keep you on track. Our Kick ass no butts 6 week challenge is here to get you stronger, fitter and more motivated to kick ass in 2019.
Kick Starter Programme
Whether you’re completely new to group fitness or you’ve been out of the loop for sometime, our kick starter programme will give you the confidence you’re after to get your fitness journey going.
$169.00 /28 days
Baby Come Back Programme
Here to help support you back into training after having your first, second or even fifth child, this programme is designed to get you the results you’re after.
$169.00 /28 days

Membership Plans

Twelve Month Plan
SAVE $832
*Unlimited classes
*No joining fee
*Free freeze available
*Free personal training session
*Priority class booking
$29.95 /7 days
Six Month Plan
SAVE $312
*Unlimited classes
*No Joining fee
*Freeze options available
$39.95 /7 days
Flexi plan
*Unlimited classes
*No Joining fee
*No contract
*30 days notice to cancel
$44.95 /7 days

Session Packs - Buy by the class

Casual Class
*Valid for all classes
*Expires in 7 days
Five Class Pass
*Valid for all classes
*Expires in two months
Ten Class Pass
*Valid for all classes
*Expires in three months
25 Class Pass
*Valid for all classes
*Expires in six months